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SMART Services

Equine Massage Therapy

EquiSMART partners with you and your team to support your horse’s musculoskeletal system. Start with a consultation to determine which massage therapy program

Equine Flexineb Nebulizer Treatments

Caring for horse’s muscles includes supporting healthy lungs. Flexineb nebulizer helps EquiSMART to assist your horse breathing so they can perform better.

Clinics & Sponsorships

EquiSMART is proud to support several show series, clubs, clinics, and auctions with sponsorships and prize packs. Reach out and see how we can create a partnership.

Clinics available throughout the calendar year (private & public) on various research topics & SMART subjects

SMARTcert Canada Practitioner Program

This Equine Massage Therapy Certification course is self-paced with payment plans available. Study the SMART skills and theory necessary to care for your own horses or to start and run a business in Equine Massage Therapy yourself.

SMART Stretching Program

A complete stretching program with photos, instructions, and a guide to choosing the right SMART stretches for your horse

SMARTcert Exercise Program – Core

8 exercise program ideal for horses who have not been in regular exercise, are returning from injury or time off, or are in need of stabilizing & strengthening

SMARTcert Exercise Program – Condition

8-exercise program ideal for horses who are increasing their strength, power and stamina through regular exercise and discipline demands that are progressively difficult

Muscle Myology Cards

25 coloured cards featuring a SMART muscle each, indications of what happens when these muscles are sore or injured, and other key information

SMARTcert Exercise Program – Correct

8-exercise program ideal for horses who are in routine work and have self-imposed limitations caused by errors in movement, restrictions in biomechanics, flexibility, etc.

SMARTcert Exercise Program – Connect

8-exercise program ideal for horses who have achieved consistent levels of focus, willingness and softness and are ready to learn or relearn advanced fundamental activities required for most disciplines

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Melissa has a very calming and gentle way about her which Ivy really responded to. Melissa identifies areas where there are muscle knots that need to be worked through and any other issues she comes across during Ivy’s treatment. Ivy is always very relaxed during and following Melissa’s massage treatments. I would recommend Melissa to anyone who wants someone to work patiently and gently with their horse

Pat Johnson

I have a 17.1hh Dressage horse who will be going 4th Level dressage this year. After seeing and hearing many great reviews about Melissa, I contacted her. I was thrilled-she listened to my concerns, asked questions about Lego’s background, work and history. The minute she walked up and ran her hand down his neck he was at ease. She found strength and weaknesses with him and she also gave us some homework to do. The next day, he was absolutely wonderful to work – in fact I messaged her to let her know how good he felt and it has continued. I am looking forward to our next visit and I would highly recommend her as not only as a massage therapist but a horsewoman as well.

Jane Doe