Nebulizer Treatments

SMART Care Starts at the Core of your Horse’s Health

Wed, Fri, Sun

45 minutes

Lung health compliments muscular strength. A horse who cannot intake enough air cannot perform to the best of their ability.

The Flexineb Nebulizer can help with regular lung maintenance as well as treat breathing conditions that challenge your equine partner.

Bring your questions to the appointment.
Feel free to take photos and videos.

What Happens:

– Your horse’s body condition score will be assessed

– Your horse’s respiratory rate will be taken before & after their treatment

– Your horse will receive a full nebulizer treatment with chelated silver (natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and decongestant properties)

– Your horse’s environment & management routine will be assessed and you will be asked various questions about their condition

What You’ll Receive:

– A guide to improving environmental care & management strategies for your horse’s respiratory condition

– Suggestions on feed supplements for immune support

– Ongoing available support and emergency care access

– Access to a client folder with your horse’s reports

“I contacted Melissa when my 23yr old Arabian gelding’s very persistent cough would not go away. Junior is normally a very healthy horse.
Melissa came to the barn we board at and did a nebulizer treatment on him. She was very calm and patient with my slightly head shy horse and made Junior feel at ease with the process.
After the first treatment there was a noticeable difference. Melissa came back the following day to give him another treatment as a boost. Junior was not only accepting of the mask this time but he almost fell asleep during the procedure because he was that relaxed!
I could not be happier with the experience and outcome. Junior is back to being himself. The congestion has cleared. The cough is gone.I highly recommend her!”